Writing – published and unpublished

Authors tend to do a lot of writing – it goes with the trade, like…

I’ve written more than a dozen books in my time, most of them on dowsing, earth-mysteries (you know, stone circles and that kind of stuff) and, more recently, self-development. The nine that have so far made it to print are listed on the Books page, together with summaries of pretty much everything else I’ve done or am currently doing in writing:

In addition to two books on gender-issues which, strangely enough, no publisher in Australia had the nerve to publish, my main book-writing for the last five years has been on a new approach to personal development. The original commission for what is now the Wyrd project was for “a book for the self-development market that doesn’t insult the intelligence”: this has expanded into a three-part series on personal, interpersonal and transpersonal development, which will eventually be ported onto a Wyrd CD-ROM.

As part of the work on the interpersonal aspects of the Wyrd, I did some extensive work on current gender-equality issues – particularly men’s issues, which are, by comparison with women’s, extremely poorly researched and the data considerably less available even when they are researched. The public perspective is still one of women as the sole ‘victims’, and men as the sole ‘oppressors’: the reality, as any student of psychology should instantly realise, is a little more complicated… If you’re willing to face a different view of the gender-issues debate, take a look at the gender-issues page.

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