Book: Dowsing – Techniques and Applications

The Diviner’s Handbook, Aquarian (Wellingborough, England), 1986; ISBN 0-85030-512-8 get it from

Still in print in some editions – not bad going after forty years!

Originally published as Dowsing: Techniques and Applications by Turnstone Books back in 1976, with a mass-market paperback by Granada Publishing, this has become one of the dowsing classics: it certainly led a major dowsing revival when it was first published, as it was perhaps the first book to open up the field to anyone, in a highly practical, easily-understood way. It was the test-case for my MA thesis on design for skills-education, and I think I proved my point!

Lyall Watson, author of SupernatureGifts of Unknown Things and many other books, commented, about the original Turnstone edition: “Tom Graves’ book is simple. lucid, and yet comprehensive. The best thing of its kind ever done on dowsing.”

Also published in Australia (Penguin Books), French Canada (Feu Vert), Germany (Aurum Verlag: hbk; Goldmann: pbk), Sweden (Borgen), Holland (Ankh-Hermes), Spain (Martinez Roca), Italy (red./Studio Redazionale), United States (Warner Destiny)

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