Contents for ‘The Dowser’s Workbook’

Using this book
Developing your skill
A practical introduction
Making a basic dowsing tool; Extending your senses; Go find a pipe
Make yourself comfortable
Variations on a theme; Mind games
The pendulum
Styles of use
The dowser’s toolkit
Using the V-rod Using the W-rod; Using the Aurameter; The best instrument of all
Putting it to use
Apply yourself; Question and answer; Meet the Joker; Watching yourself
‘Physician, know thyself’
Food and drink; Personal health; Trust your senses
Finding out
The outside world; Water divining; Hide and seek; Fixing the car
The greater toolkit
Getting unstuck; The diviner’s toolkit; Beyond the toolkit
So how does dowsing work?
It’s all coincidence; A question of time
A test of skill
The real world; Party games; A real test of skill
Further reading; Contacts

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