Book: The Elements of Pendulum Dowsing

The Elements of Pendulum Dowsing, Element Books (Shaftesbury, England), 1989; ISBN 0-85230-066-3 get it from

Still in print in most editions.

[September 2000: after teetering on the brink for some years, Element Books have just gone into receivership. The good news is that the ‘Elements Of…‘ series, of which this book was part, has been sold to Thorsons/HarperCollins. So Elements Of Pendulum Dowsing will probably still be in print for a while, but it might be an idea to get it while you still can…]

In 1988 I had the embarrassing problem of two near-identical commissions for books on dowsing from two different publishers… I resolved the problem by doing one as a workbook on dowsing in general (The Dowser’s Workbook), and the other – this one – specifically on the pendulum.

It’s a straightforward, practical introduction to the pendulum as a dowsing tool, but also with a lot of emphasis on the thinking-processes that are crucial to success in dowsing. The book’s chatty style has proved popular, and evidently easy to translate: there are editions in Holland (Tirion – now out of print), Spain (Ediciones Temas De Hoy), Brazil (Editora Objetiva), Germany (Aurum), Sweden (Bokforlaget Forum), Estonia (Sinisukk), and apparently also a Japanese edition (Kawade Shoba Shinsha) on the way.

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