Inventing Reality – contents

The entire of the content of the 1986 edition of Inventing Reality can be viewed on this site from this page.

Preface, Acknowledgements and Copyright

What’s in a word?

In which we note the many meanings of the words ‘magic’ and ‘technology’ – the key concepts of this study.

Isn’t it just coincidence?

In which we explore the nature of coincidence as ‘co-incidence-ence’, using two very different skills as examples: computer-programming, and dowsing or water-divining.

Can’t we explain this scientifically?

In which we politely push science off its pedestal as the sole arbiter of ‘truth’ for technology, and come to view it instead as merely one of several useful ways of operating within the strange swamp that’s called ‘reality’.

The subtle art of insanity

In which we see how some distinctly unreasonable attitudes can provide practical tools for inventing reality – and for managing the subtle sense of ‘insanity’ which arises in learning any new skill.

The practical art of magic

In which we find new ways to travel through the subjective swamp of ideas and experiences, and explore a variety of tools and techniques for merging magic and technology.

The joker in the pack

In which we review a cautionary tale or two, concerning the inevitability of Murphy’s Law – and the need for managing it in medical madness, mistaken magic and mixed-up muddles of many kinds.

What’s the use?

In which we return to the usefulness of technology, and of magic – especially when merged together into a truly magical technology which is efficient, reliable, elegant, appropriate.


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