Positively Wyrd – contents

Rather more than half of the English edition of the book is included on this site. The complete structure of the book is listed below: where links are shown, they lead to the respective chapter of the book.

Introduction section

Preface and acknowledgements
Introduction – how to use the book
Living in the dark
A weird kind of fate

Background section

The senses taker
Everyone is to blame
I am what I am
Affirmative action
Wants and needs
Control & other myths
Time to let go
All the fun of the fair

Toolkit section

One step at a time
Weaving the threads of wyrd
My word is my bond
It’s all imaginary
Divine coincidence
Dancing with ourselves
The art of empowerment
We’re busy doing no-thing

Action section

Which I is me?
Stretching the boundaries
Self and others
Working in a weird world
It isn’t easy being green?
A wyrd way of life

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