Positively Wyrd – Preface

Although there’s only one author named on the cover, this book, like so many others, is a joint venture by an unknown number of people, many of whom will never know that they were involved.

Most of this book is based on personal and original research; but like every author, I’ve ‘lovingly lifted’ from many different writers, teachers, colleagues and friends a wide variety of ideas and comments – though often placed into contexts that their originators did not plan for, or may in some cases even disagree with. Lists of names are always invidious, because there’s always someone left out: but they include Richard Bach, Kenneth Batcheldor, Gregory Bateson, Richard Nelson Bolles, John Bradshaw, Bryan Branston, Cassandra Carter, Ram Dass, Werner Erhard, Maja Evans, Alan Garner, James Gleick, Felicitas Goodman, Douglas Hofstadter, Frances Howard-Gordon, Robert Johnson, Dess Kammason, Jessica Macbeth, Pat Medland, Cindy Pavlinac, Vera Peiffer, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, Idries Shah, Starhawk, Charles Tart, John Venables, Gerald Weinberg, Paul Whyte and Kim Williams. My thanks go to them, and to the many others whose names I’ve forgotten, but whose wise words I have not.

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