Book – Wyrd Allies: Preface

Every book – especially one of this nature – is the result of interactions and ideas created by and between many different people. What follows is my own interpretation of what I’ve seen and shared with others, but I do need to acknowledge that others have contributed to this – sometimes consciously, in some cases not.

Writers whose ideas I’ve used or adapted include Douglas Adams; Eric Berne, John Bradshaw; Bryan Branston; James Burke; Joseph Campbell; Marion Campbell; Lewis Carroll; Carlos Castaneda; Jeremy Cherfas; members of the Conflict Resolution Network; members of the Duluth Domestic Abuse Intervention Project; Paul Feyerabend; Kate Fillion; Ian Fleming; Betty Friedan; Alan Garner; James Gleick; Germaine Greer; John Gribbin; Douglas Hofstadter; Robert Hughes; Susan Jeffers; Sam Keen; Thomas Kuhn; Carol Lee; Ursula Le Guin; Hugh Mackay; George Orwell; Robert Pirsig; Terry Pratchett; Starhawk (Miriam Simos); Gloria Steinem; Ann Summers; Glen Tomasetti; Gerald Weinberg; and Naomi Wolf. In some cases the ideas I’ve ‘borrowed’ have been taken into very different contexts from the original, but I believe – or hope! – that in each case I’ve done so with the respect that their ideas deserve.

Friends, colleagues and others who’ve provided ideas and feedback include Roy Bailey; Coral Baragwanath; Stuart Birks; Graeme Burnett; Cass Carter; Ross Daly; Phil Day; Donna; Cheryle Dean; Bob Dingley; Bonnie Gibson; Valerie Graves; Martin Hungerford; Lindsay Jackel; Hanson Jeong; Dess Kammason; Marina Moss; Cindy Pavlinac; the People’s Equality Network crew, particularly Don Bruce, Judy Hardman, Ray O’Sullivan, Tanya Trott and Ian Young; the People Knowhow/Zoeros crew, especially Diana Coverdale, Annie Davies-McCubbin, Roger Harman, Robert Meredith, St-John Miall, Robert Prinable and Gai Roper; Susannah Sabine; Soni Stecker; John Venables; Peter Vogel; Brooke Wade; and Paul Whyte.

Particular thanks are due to Linda Moore and Catherine Caulwell, both of whom spent much time tossing ideas and practical examples back and forth across the world; and to Frances Howard-Gordon, who did likewise, and was also my editor and publisher.

Other than these authors and others mentioned above, all personal names in the ‘narrative’ section of the text – all except the ‘Introduction’ chapter – refer to fictitious characters, such as the imaginary narrator Chris Kelley. Although most stories and examples are based on real-life incidents, they are in most cases adapted from the experiences of many different people, and are not intended to refer to any actual person, alive or dead.

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