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Geomancy is about using our skills to bring heaven-luck, man-luck and earth-luck to appropriate balance.

Geomancy is about managing the interaction between people and place:

– helping clients understand their choices

and that the place has choices too!

So what is geomancy, then? We could perhaps summarise it best in terms of feng shui. ‘Heaven-luck’ – the support (or lack of it) that arises from what we’re born with – has its own rules: or sort-of-rules, anyway. And ‘earth-luck’ – the support (or lack of it) that arises from where we are – also has its own rules: or sort-of-rules, anyway. We can’t change their content: in that sense, we do have to work with what we’re given. But we can adjust their context, to use the energy of those sort-of-rules to carry us, or our clients, to where we want to go. That’s ‘man-luck’: the ability to use our awareness and knowledge in order to create choices, from nothing and from nowhere.

So geomancy is about managing the interactions between people and place. A fair amount of it is straight psychology, showing our clients that they do have choices, showing them that they – and not some magical ‘fixit’ person called a geomancer – have responsibility for their lives, and helping them (to use the famous phrase from the Twelve Step programmes) to “find the courage to change that which must be changed, the serenity to accept that which cannot be changed, and the wisdom to know the difference”.

But we also need to understand that in some weird ways places have choices too – choices which need to be acknowledged and addressed. At times geomancy can be very weird indeed… I did warn you earlier that any skill has its own strange craziness, and geomancy is no different in that!

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