Articles & papers – Feng Shui conference: Geomancy … some basic themes

Some basic themes:

  • Survival: ensuring safety and security
  • Self: embracing all the senses
  • Control: working with energy and flow
  • Caring/connection: pattern and relationship
  • Communication: unifying time and space
  • Mind: realising imaginary worlds
  • Meditation: connecting with spirit of place

Geomancy has so many rules and guidelines – so many of them completely contradictory – that it’s always difficult to know where to start. But it does help if we divide them into layers, to introduce some sense of consistency. In reality, each of these supposed ‘layers’ is an arbitrary choice – we could use any other kind of categories that seem to make sense. What I’ll do here, though, is return to the skills-labyrinth, and map the overall issues of geomancy into its seven paths: survival, self, control, caring (or connection), communication (or community, or unity), mind and meditation. (Being honest, we know that mastery is more an aim rather than a layer – it’s something we aspire to, but never actually achieve!)

As you’ll remember from the labyrinth, the actual path we take is a little different: we move from ‘beginner’s luck’ to trying to take ‘control’, to understanding the part that ‘self’ plays, then facing the long slog of ‘survival’ until we find ourselves at ‘the cloud of unknowing’ where we face the bleak reality that we do not and cannot know everything. If we can make it through that ‘dark night of the soul’, we’ll find ourselves with a better awareness of the need for ‘caring’ and connecting – but we still need to work through a kind of ‘meditation’, and an even stranger kind of ‘mind’, before we can reach the ‘communication’ that leads to mastery.

But for here, I’ll skim through each of those layers in turn, from ‘survival’ through to ‘meditation’, in order to create a general overview of geomancy.

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