Articles & papers – Feng Shui conference: Geomancy … a sense of safety

A sense of safety:

  • A sense of security (psychology of safety)
  • A sense of support
    • support for a sense of security, through space and flow, is central to Form School feng shui
  • A sense of space (boundaries of ‘I’/’not-I’)
  • A sense of stillness
    • ‘a sense of meaning and purpose, a sense of self and of that which is greater than self’

Survival depends, in essence, on a sense of safety – or lack of it. In geomantic terms, this is the main arena of physical and physiological issues such as ‘sick building syndrome’ or EMF and microwave radiation. It’s also the province of Form School feng shui – sometimes berated for its tendency to over-simplify everything, but it does provide the sense of certainty that this layer needs.

Part of this is a sense of physical security: which is why Form School feng shui warns us that trying to work with our back to the door, or sleep under a window, is not a good idea.

Another is a sense of support, from the place, or from our surroundings in general: if we’re constantly struggling against obstacles – squeezing through a narrow doorway, perhaps, or picking our way through piles of papers (which is what happens in my house, I’m sorry to say!) – we’ll probably survive, but we won’t have much energy to live.

And another is a sense of space: we need clear boundaries between ‘I’ and ‘not-I’, between what’s mine, what’s yours, what belongs to everyone, and what belongs simply to itself.

And deeper still, we need a sense of what I’d describe as ‘spiritual security’: not religion, but a sense of meaning and purpose – a ‘reason to be’ – and also a sense of self and of that which is greater than self.

All of these are fundamental to feng shui, and to all other forms of geomancy.

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