Articles & papers – Feng Shui conference: Geomancy … using the senses

  • Embracing all the senses
    • sight, sound, scent, touch, taste
    • … and the subtler senses!
  • Sensing the elements
    • energy and its expressions
  • including personal awareness

We experience the world through our senses: not just the five physical senses of sight, scent, sound, touch and taste, but also through a kind of intuitive or synaesthetic sense that interweaves them, and that even stranger sense of ‘impending wyrd’. One of the problems of feng shui – particularly Form School feng shui – is that it tends to rely on appearances, on our visual awareness, almost to the exclusion of everything else: but it’s important to remember to include within our geomancy all of the senses – physical and perhaps not so physical.

So it’s worthwhile making a habit of intentionally including the other senses. What do we smell within or around the client’s place? – the sickly scent of LPG fuel, perhaps, or the dull decay of yesterday’s cooked cabbage? (There’s an old adage that “south London smells of curry, north London smells of cats”!) Would a little aromatherapy help here, perhaps? Is the place dominated by traffic-noise, or next-door’s heavy-metal hi-fi? – or is there, somehow, in the midst of all that, a place of serene calm and quietness? Or, crossing the senses, does the place seem as if it’s shouting in pain, or feel like sandpaper, or glue? – experiences I’ve certainly had from time to time, and I know others have too. So keep the awareness wide… include all the senses…

Categorising these into ‘elements’ can help, by providing us with a kind of checklist. We could use the classic European system of earth, air, fire and water, or the perhaps more practical Chinese system of wood, fire, earth, metal and water: but in the end it’s up to us to choose whatever works best for us.

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