Articles & papers – Feng Shui conference: Geomancy … time and space

  • Time and tide
    • Form School knows nothing of time (it only knows about forms…)
    • everything has its season, its rise and fall
  • Heaven and earth
    • interweaving of time and space: directional astrology
  • Fate and future
    • wyrd and geis: life-issues, the complexity of karma

We also need to understand, and care about, the overall unity of reality – particularly the weird interweaving of time and space. Form School feng shui actually becomes more of a hindrance than a help at this point, because it knows nothing about time: it only knows about forms as they are, rather than the ways in which they change.

Everything has its seasons, its tides, its time of rise and fall. This is particularly well expressed in Chinese five-element theory: wood feeds fire, which transforms into earth, then into metal, and dissolves as water, which in turn feeds wood again. Knowing which element is needed for balance tells us not only what to do, but when to do it – and what would be likely to happen if we don’t do it at the right time…

Another approach interweaves direction with time: we see this especially in Flying Stars feng shui, where the current relative direction of a number or ‘star’ has practical meaning. It’s also seen in the recent development of directional astrology or ‘astrocartography’, mapping Western astrology with ‘life-directions’: it’s proved to be a very powerful tool for many people.

This flow of time applies to our own lives too. There is such a thing as ‘heaven-luck’; there are issues that are inevitable aspects of our own lives or those of our clients – the concept of karma, or geis, in terms of wyrd. We all know people who have the same issues come up in place after place: in general it’s wise not to try to ‘fix’ these places, but help the people ‘fix’ themselves…

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