Articles & papers – Feng Shui conference: Geomancy … doing it your way

Doing it your way…

  • Discovering discipline
    • anything can work, but playing dilettante doesn’t…
    • to support the discipline, stick to one system at a time
  • Extending skills
    • finding your own balance of observation, analysis, intuition and trust
  • Working in the real world
    • Weinberg: “you’re paid by the hour, not by the solution” (don’t try to fix the world, or it’ll ‘fix’ you!)

One of the problems with geomancy, and feng shui in particular, is that each system is taught as if it’s absolute truth. It certainly helps to pretend to ourselves that that’s so; but it’s important always to remember that ultimately it isn’t so at all. This is a magical technology, parts of which are inevitably personal: we each need to find what works for us – and accept that what works for others may be entirely different. I remember one man who insisted that dowsing was impossible for people with any scars, tooth-fillings or glasses, and that it was only possible to map-dowse when standing beneath a bare electric light bulb, at midnight, with no clothes on… Most dowsers I know find simpler ways of doing this! – and most of them do in fact have scars, fillings or glasses. Ultimately, anything goes: that’s the weird reality of any magical technology.

What doesn’t work, though, is hopping from system to system. We do need some kind of discipline, to keep us on track; but it needs to be a discipline that allows us to be aware, at all times, of possibilities outside of the system. To find our own system, we need to keep extending our skills, maintaining a careful balance between observation and intuition, analysis and trust – and to allow that ‘system’ to change at any time.

A final warning, though. We will never know everything; there’s always something else to learn. And the usual way we learn is by making mistakes… So do your work the best you can, with what you know right now: but don’t try to ‘fix the world’ – you won’t succeed, and it’ll probably ‘fix’ you instead!

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