Articles & papers – Feng Shui conference: Geomancy … a summary

Geomancy – a summary

  • Geomancy is a magical process – it’s about the interweaving of people and place
  • Use your existing system as if it’s absolute truth – but remember that it isn’t!
  • Allow yourself to know when to try something different – let the place tell you
  • Accept that Reality Department will impose its own limits on what you can achieve

Geomancy is a magical technology. That doesn’t mean it has no anchors – and no reality – in the physical world: feng shui, for example, places a strong emphasis on magnetic rather than polar alignment, and most practitioners know about physical or physiological issues such as electrical power-lines and geological faults. What it does mean is that we remain aware, at all times, that we’re dealing with an interaction between people and place: and that – unlike physical matter – people, and perhaps place, have choices in how they respond to events. That’s what makes it magical; it’s also what makes it difficult…

Any system can work: whether it may, or will, for us, is a different matter! But in geomancy a system only works well if we believe that it will work: which creates some interesting dilemmas… The simplest solution is to use any system as if it’s absolute fact – but always to remain aware that it isn’t, and to allow ourselves to know when to try something different. And in that, an ability to ‘tune into’ the nature of the place itself will certainly help.

Perhaps the most important part of our toolkit, though, is a sense of humility – without which we risk falling into hubris, ‘the pride that comes before a fall’. We can’t know everything; we don’t know everything; from a wider perspective, we simply do not know what is truly right for our clients, or even for ourselves. We need to learn to accept that Reality Department will impose its own limits on what we may achieve – and listen, with humility, to what each place has to tell us.

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