Book projects – Beyond Feng Shui: 3: Feeling Safe

[Synopsis and notes only]

A sense of space

If geomancy is about the relationship between ourselves and the space around us, we first need to become aware of the boundaries of our own ‘I’, and how those boundaries change in different moods and spaces.

  • a key requirement in geomancy is an awareness of space, and the boundaries between spaces and between people in those spaces
  • for each of us, the boundary of what we think of as ‘I’ is fluid, changing with our circumstances, our moods and many other factors: much the same applies to landscapes, buildings, and every other kind of shared spaces

A sense of safety

Traditional Form School feng shui begins with the simple human sense of safety and security – or lack of it.

A sense of stillness

Central to an inner sense of safety is the need to find a balance between activity and rest – and appropriate spaces for each.

  • closely linked to mood, and the overall sense of space, is an understanding of appropriacy of space: wide, open and expansive in some contexts, or comfortably enclosed in others

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