Book projects – Beyond Feng Shui: 6: Pattern and Relationship

[Synopsis only]

The art of abstraction

Although most energies are tangible, many of the issues we deal with are not – which is why it can be helpful sometimes to describe a place in terms of elemental abstracts such as shapes, relationships and numbers.

The art of pattern

Each feng shui element has its own natural shape, and its own natural direction; interactions between the elements can be perceived as patterns which can create their own harmony – or discord.

The art of number

In Eight Mansions feng shui, every direction has its own number, depending on the relationship between people and place; in Flying Stars feng shui, the numbers become ‘stars’, weaving a pattern of time and direction within the space and place.

The art of relating

The Black Hat ba gua describes a simple pattern of relationships between family members or family functions, and spaces or directions; in most forms of geomancy, such as in Flying Stars feng shui, these relationships become dynamic, encompassing all kinds of different energies and elements.

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