Book projects – Beyond Feng Shui: 7: Imaginary Energies

[Synopsis only]

Real and imaginary

The concept of ch’i goes far beyond strictly physical energies, but the same term is still used throughout – which can lead to many a confusion when trying to describe it!

Dancing divinely

Intuitive skills such as dowsing, or water-divining, can be used to assess the quality of ch’i at a place – using terms such as ‘water-lines’ or ‘geomagnetic grids’ to describe specific imaginary yet still real energies – and to ‘ride the dragon’, mapping the ways in which they flow.

The memory of place

Places have their own kind of ‘memory’, at many different levels – so it’s important to be able to recognise it, to work with it and, where necessary, to repair it.

The magic of belief

Often a geomantic ‘cure’ will work at first simply because people hope it will, or because the matter has received some attention – but lasting changes will need active support, from the people involved, from the structure of ch’i, or, preferably, from both.

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