Book projects – Beyond Feng Shui: 8: Time and Space

[Synopsis only]

Time and tide

Even the most carefully planned feng shui ‘cure’ can be overturned all too easily by the weird interweavings between time and space – which is why it’s important to become aware of the tides of time in geomancy.

Cycles and seasons

Everything has its season, its time of rise and fall – a point which is particularly addressed in Flying Stars feng shui.

Fate and future

Just like each place, each life has its own pattern, its own ‘wyrd’ or fate; and whilst it’s by no means fixed, it’s best not to fight against it, but to accept what it is – and learn to work with this ‘heaven luck’, using tools such as Four Pillars or Tzu Wei Dou Shu.

Heaven and earth

As described in the old phrase “as above, so below”, everything interweaves with everything else; whilst geomancy is one way to work with this reality, there are many others – some of which interweave with geomancy itself.

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