Book projects – Beyond Feng Shui: 10: Doing It Our Own Way

[Synopsis only]

Discovering discipline

Although ultimately ‘anything goes’, in practice some kind of system is essential, to create continuity and reliability of results.

Round the bend

The traditional seven-turn labyrinth provides some useful ways to understand ‘beginner’s luck’, the ‘dark night of the soul’, and other aspects of the process of learning new skills.

Extending skills

Skills such as geomancy are personal – despite the comfort and certainty of ready-made systems, in practice we each do it our own way, finding our own balance between observation, analysis and intuition.

Working in the real world

Geomancy describes what is at times only an idealised view of the world – out in the real world, we need to complement our skills with an understanding of how others respond to practical proposals or ‘cures’, and how much we can realistically expect to achieve.

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