Book-projects – Power and response-ability: Contents



Response-ability at work

  • The one-minute overview
    For those who have no time at all!
  • The ten-minute summary
    A quick summary, for those who want to dive straight into the toolkit.
  • Introduction
    An introduction to response-ability.
  • Understanding empowerment
    Defining power; power and delusion; export and import; winners and losers; rights and responsibilities; motivation and meaning; expressing empowerment.
  • I and We and Us and Them
    Spheres of influence; systems within systems; conditions and context; competition and cooperation.
  • Beyond control
    Control and direction; creativity and chaos; accepting uncertainty; beyond systems.
  • Economic action
    The meaning of economy; the end of ownership; purpose, relationship, knowledge.
  • Fulfilling purpose
    Proactive purpose; involving everyone; accounts and accountability; the quest for quality.
  • Managing relations
    The schoolyard and the marketplace; shareholders and stakeholders; open and closed; personas and power-dynamics.
  • Creating knowledge
    The nature of knowledge; mobile memory; analysis and intuition; the ‘learning organisation’.
  • Putting it into practice
    The story so far; what do we do on Monday morning?

A response-ability toolkit

The response-ability audit

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