Book-projects – Power and response-ability: Preface


What is ‘response-ability’?

Response-ability is all about personal power and productivity in the workplace: what it is, what it isn’t, why it’s worth developing, how to develop it, and how to prevent it from being destroyed.

Quite simple, really.

Who should read this?

It’s probably of interest – perhaps a lot of interest – to anyone who wants to know more about their own power and response-ability, so as to get more of a sense of satisfaction and achievement from any aspect of their life. That’s just about everyone, I’d suspect.

I’ll admit that I’ve written this mainly for managers, consultants, union organisers and others who are working with people in the workplace. But don’t let that put you off: you should find this useful anyway, whatever it is that you do.

What should I do next?

Keep reading – unless your own empowerment is of no interest to you at all?

The text is in three parts:

  • An overview of response-ability, in the context of the workplace:
  • ‘toolkit’ section, which describes a variety of tools and techniques to assess and enhance response-ability in the workplace and elsewhere.
  • An ‘audit’ section, which describes a methodology to assess, audit and enhance response-ability in the workplace.

You can read these in any order, but it’ll probably make sense if you read one of the overviews first.

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