Book-projects – Power and response-ability: One minute

Response-ability: a one-minute overview

  • The human side of systems – response-ability – is the management of power in the workplace.
  • In human terms, power is the ability to do work – more accurately ‘work/play/learn’ – as an expression of personal choice and personal response-ability.
  • A sense of meaning and purpose, a sense of self and of that which is greater than self, is important in creating personal power and productivity in the workplace.
  • The delusion that power can be ‘taken’ from others through bullying and dominance (‘power-over’) or offloading of responsibility and blame (‘power-under’) reduces the availability of functional power in the workplace.
  • Transactions are always either ‘win/win’ or ‘lose/lose’. ‘Win/lose’ (‘zero-sum’) is actually an illusory form of lose/lose.
  • These issues repeat at and between every level, from ‘I’ to ‘We’ to ‘Us’ to ‘Them’.
  • Anything which supports power and purpose in a corporation’s members, and in a corporation’s transactions, will improve the corporation’s ‘bottom line’.
  • Anything which reduces power-over and power-under in transactions will improve the corporation’s ‘bottom line’.
  • Doing nothing about these issues impacts increasingly on the corporation’s ‘bottom line’ – eventually leading to the death of the corporation.
  • Tools and techniques to assess, audit and address these issues are described here.
  • You have the power to choose what to do next.

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