Book-projects – Power and response-ability: Toolkit: Definitions

the ability to do work/play/learn, as an expression of personal choice, personal responsibility and personal purpose.
the ability to source and access human power from within the self.
the ability to assist each other to generate and access power-from-within, and to share that power with others.
any attempt, in any form whatsoever, to create the illusion of empowering the self by disempowering any other.
any attempt to offload responsibility onto another, or to take responsibility from another, without their express involvement and consent.
the ability to choose and act upon appropriate responses to events, in relation to personal purpose and shared purpose.
Spiritual dimension of work
the personal experience of a sense of meaning and purpose, a sense of self and of that which is greater than self, within and through the process of work itself.
Object-based attitude
one in which ‘the other’ is regarded as an inanimate object entirely separate from self.
Subject-based attitude
one in which ‘the other’ is regarded as a subject which exists only as a subsidiary extension of self.
an operational approach in which processes are rendered predictable through the application of defined rules to the relevant factors of the process.
an operational approach in which outcomes of processes are rendered manageable through measurement of feedback within the process in relation to a defined overall aim or purpose.
the management of the household, in a manner which is efficient, reliable, elegant and appropriate to the respective context and scale.
an assertion of exclusive right to exploit a resource, without reference or responsibility to others, either in the present or elsewhen.
an assertion of response-ability for the appropriate management of the exploitation of a resource.


generic purpose-statement
To improve the economic well-being and quality of life of all stakeholders.

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