Book-projects – The ‘Wyrd’ project

A weird approach to personal development – literally wyrd!

The old Nordic word ‘wyrd’, from which the modern adjective ‘weird’ is derived, is a kind of synonym for ‘fate’. Yet unlike the Greek concept – with everything preordained, predestined, fixed – our wyrd is dynamic, active, a chaotic interweaving of choices and consequences, and sometimes some very strange twists… which is why it’s called ‘weird’!

A number of years back I was asked by one of my publishers to develop what she called “a book for the self-development market that didn’t insult the intelligence” – far too many of the books in the field are best described as ‘newage’ (it rhymes with ‘sewage’…). This project, using wyrd as a model for personal, interpersonal and transpersonal development, was the result: it so far consists of two completed books (Positively Wyrd and Wyrd Allies), with the third (A Wyrd World) scheduled for publication whenever I can get round to finishing it, and some tentative experiments towards repackaging all the text and exercises and some additional material into an interactive CD-ROM, which should be available in the relatively near future – I hope!

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