Book projects – Intuitive Technology: 3: From control to chaos

[Notes only]

In which we try the way we first started, and discover that it now fails to work at all — along with everything else

(1/survival in labyrinth — LH/sunwise move)

Negation of skill (a single person can wreck everything): ‘any idiot can do it — and usually does’ (Murphy); ‘I didn’t know it was important’ (avoidance of responsibility)

Limitations of logic (‘do what I mean’); ‘try hard to relax’

Totally open system: nothing is truly predictable; breakdown of objectivity, collapse into subjectivity; failure of statistics (a set of one)

Drowning in info (infinite regress); ‘fishing for facts’

Chaos-maths proof of infinite regress, infinite sensitivity

Chaos (analytic breakdown/’anything goes’ unfocussable intuitive)

No law » anarchy (fear arising) — fail-safe isn’t

Failure of control: ‘power over’ ends up destroying itself

Desperate awareness (analytic) — able to focus (thinking narrow), but having no idea where to focus (fishing for facts) » frustration; no absolute causes, so treating symptoms (wheelspin)

Paradox: beyond control

This seems like the end: we may as well give up — ‘dark night of the soul’ (BUT » ‘cloud of unknowing’)

BUT: survival « persistence: so keep going!

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