Book projects – Intuitive Technology: Interlude: Turning it round

[Notes only]

In which we recognise the rules of this murky maze of panic and paradox, and discover a way out by moving further in

(1 » 4/’dark night of the soul’ in labyrinth — upward move)

No choice but to risk, participate, be willing to try (anything goes, so we may as well try anything)

Breaking free from inertia — keep moving!

Desperate awareness » let go into trust (cloud of unknowing), breakthrough to open awareness (being wide)

Don’t fight paradox: the only way out is further in (dim star at night)

Paradox of particle vs. wave — where it is vs. where it’s been/going

Paradox » humour (play, allegory, analogy)

Chaos maths: order » chaos » paradoxical order

Inverse Murphy (self-cancelling, but always uncertain): fail-safe « failing safely

How do you let things work? — ‘true’ vs. useful; mechanism of source of solution

Revaluing analytic: in outer levels we have developed understanding of how things mostly work, realise that intuitive tells us when they don’t

Analytic = where we are (info), intuitive mode = relationship with totality (don’t have to understand!) — dropping ‘why?’

Relationship of the two integrates in you (integrating paradox); fusing subjectivity and objectivity

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