Book projects – Intuitive Technology: 5: Doing no-thing

[Notes only]

In which we meditate upon matters of content and context, and pay precise attention to paradox

(7/spirit in labyrinth — LH/sunwise move)

Spirit: compare doing no-thing (receptive/’right action’) with doing anything (analytic/activity) and doing nothing (open intuitive/passivity)

Effectively back to analytic, but at a wider level (action vs. activity)

Mind/body (moving meditation); do something (act!) so that coincidence can occur — breaking inertia

Relate to spiritual via ‘work as prayer’

Tao — ‘profit comes from what is there, usefulness from what is not there’

Context vs. content — watching context rather than content

Meditative mode, listening; being wide, thinking narrow

Intuitive handles: ‘give it a name’ (vs. analytic categorisation) — be careful how you name!

Focus attention on something, allow yourself be told what to do (listening in e.g. massage)

The ‘inner watcher’ — non-attachment not the same as objectivity

Presence — pay attention, focus on now; results of inattention (body carries many memories of inattention…)

Remain open for deviations: course correction, feedback, open observation

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