Book projects – Intuitive Technology: 6: A balanced mind

[Notes only]

In which we reflect upon the mirrors of the mind, and learn to juggle with jokes and judgements

(6/mind in labyrinth — RH/reverse move)

Balance of subjective and objective; accepting paradox

Mastery/appropriacy (intuitive is re-narrowing, analytic is re-widening: meet in balance in MIND); discrimination, judgement

Balance: reprise on Tao — ‘profit comes from what is there, usefulness from what is not there’

Toolkit concept; knowledge plus experience plus awareness » improvisation

Intuitive » hypothesis; analytic » test hypothesis

Skills (knowing what to hit); main emphasis on intuitive tools — play, humour, dreams

Pattern-matching: playing in keys, mushroom picking, template, parking meter (skills reflexes as ‘second nature’)

Synaesthesia: merging senses into single mode (dowsing)

‘I get the answer in the first five minutes’: intuitive jump, analytic test/backfill (jump based on experience); opportunity meets preparation — deliberately allowing coincidence (inverse of ‘skills’ example)

Coincidence put to use: allow coincidences, then they tend to happen (intuitive); recognise and test (analytic)

Ritual: tools to look for what isn’t there

Thinking skills: balance of mind (analytic + intuitive)

Balance of analytic and intuitive — Holmes vs. Watson; the inner ‘watcher’ watching both processes at work (using them, not being used by them) (but Holmes’ use of violin, drugs as ‘intuitive looseners’)

Don’t confuse intuitive with analytic (usefulness of extrapolation/dangers of extrapolation)

Don’t confuse analytic with intuitive (‘psychic ability’ « acute unconscious observation) (e.g. palmist, dowsing)

Similar is not the same as the same: analytic mistakes (these factors are the same), intuitive mistakes (this looks the same)

Body skills; discipline; body/mind coordination/paralleling (programmers « darts, pool table); balancing internal stress/external stress

Wisdom/balance: ‘tie the camel first, yet trust to Allah’

Remember to keep caring! (This isn’t back at Applied Science!)

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