Book projects – Intuitive Technology: 7: What’s the use?

[Notes only]

In which we become more sure and certain as we play with paradox in practice — in a territory that is oddly familiar

(5/throat in labyrinth — LH/sunwise move)

Things do work mostly the way we expect (analytic), but remember to watch for when they don’t (intuitive)

Awareness for feedback (looking for what isn’t there); ‘laws’ are useful guidelines

Reality takes the path of least resistance!

No such thing as proof! Cause/effect is useful most of the time (inverse Murphy) but we need intuitive processes to open us to when they don’t (abnormal end of probability)

Nothing ever quite repeats

‘Luck’ — keep magical processes alive (coincidence); balance of analytic knowledge with ‘being in the right place at the right time’ (launch window, martial arts)

‘Power with’ vs. ‘power over’ — importance of trust/honesty (Mark Twain quote) ([self-]deception doesn’t work long-term: compare to e.g. martial arts)

Magical process: do what you will, but be very sure that you will it!

Social support for risk, entre/intrapreneurship, empowerment of others, play; balancing of outer stress

‘Reality is a group project’: negative is ‘addictive organisation’; social support — a lot of this seems crazy, but it’s actually back where we started; group subjective » group definition of ‘objectivity’

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