Book projects – No Fallen Angels: 8: No fallen angels

[Notes only]

No fallen angels

What’s at stake (‘advantages’ of maintaining the ‘Angel’ myth)?

(results of ‘special pleading’)

– women get far less punishment for criminal actions

– women are permitted, in law, to attack men with near-complete impunity

– women’s illnesses get far higher priority

– as ‘protected persons’, women get special safety legislation

– women get priority in services/jobs etc. on the basis of gender rather than merit

– women continue to get the comforting delusion that they’re ‘nice’ (the ‘essentialist’/neo-Jungian fallacy)

What’s the cost (of maintaining the ‘Angel’ myth)?

– basically(!), women’s power and self-esteem

– mothers have no status in society – “they’re angels, they don’t need ‘status'”

– dangers of the ‘temporary insanity’, ‘battered woman syndrome’, ‘PMS’ and other legal defence tactics – ultimately undermines most feminist gains elsewhere

– being regarded as ‘insane’ or ‘under control of hormones’ is not necessarily an improvement on being regarded as ‘criminal’… examples

– assigning all responsibility to others assigns all power to those others – for which, under the terms of the delusion, those others are then blamed

– the eventual result of denying responsibility is self-denial of rights

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