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Unlike the other two books in the Wyrd series (Positively Wyrd and Wyrd Allies), Wyrd World is still a book in the making. When (if?) it’s published, it will expand into the transpersonal arena the basic wyrd theme developed in the previous two books.

The transpersonal realm is ‘that which is greater than anyone’, and is often the hardest aspect of reality to face, simply because – by definition – it is far larger than we are: it’s all too easy to be controlled by it rather than choose our part within it. Yet by the nature of the wyrd, we do always have choices, even in this realm: and the book explores ways to create and maintain those choices, in the complex interrelationships of ‘I & We & Us’.

As with the previous books, there will be a strong emphasis on the practical – and on finding the magic in our relationship with the wyrd.

Right now, there’s a long way to go before the book is ready, but there are four major threads interweaving within the overall theme:

  • wyrd society, or the social realm – the wyrdness within the apparent ‘normality’ of politics, economics and social mores
  • wyrd habitat, or the physical realm – the interweavings of environment, earth and ourselves
  • wyrd mind, or the creative realm – the wyrd process of inventing reality
  • wyrd time, or the archetypal realm – the transparency of time, space and self

Use the links above to explore these threads for yourself – and let us know what you find!

The current synopsis is as follows:

Intro section

This section provides the lead-in to the book.

In which the purpose and aims of the book are introduced, including suggestions on how best to use the book as a practical tool for transpersonal development.

A world of weirdness
In which the narrator, Chris Kelley, is introduced, and in turn introduces the concept of ‘wyrd’ as an interweaving of self and the transpersonal realm – ‘that which is greater than self’.

Background section

This section looks at the pressures and issues which apply as we relate with the wider world, and at learned habits of relationship which cause difficulties for ourselves and others.

Life, the universe and… wyrd
In which we discover that ‘life, the universe and everything’ can be all too overwhelming at times, yet by acknowledging the nature of its underlying weirdness we begin to have choices in how we relate with it.

Humanness and other problems
In which we find that the simple fact of being human brings up issues we’d often prefer not to face; yet since they are human issues, there are always others to help us face them – though the forms this takes can often be weird!

In which we note how possessing something can often mean being possessed by it; becoming aware of this, we discover new choices within possession – and the inevitable twists of the wyrd.

Money, money, money…
In which the weirdness of money and the money-economy are explored, in order to understand our own relationship in and with it.

The politics of fear
In which we uncover the ways in which the human confusions of ‘I’, ‘We’ and ‘They’ creates the strange twists of that part of the transpersonal realm we call ‘politics’.

Tools section

This section examines some tools and perspectives which can be applied to particular issues in relating with the world as a whole.

Living on purpose
In which we note the need for a sense of meaning and purpose, to give us a focus for all aspects of life – and, for that matter, death…

A bit of give and take
In which we acknowledge that the usual notion of ‘give and deceive’ is perhaps not the wisest way to work in the world – and that there are alternatives!

Dancing with shadows
In which we learn to face the darker shadows of the world, by accepting the degree to which they echo hidden worlds within ourselves.

Exploring empathy
In which we explore the weird experience of empathy – sharing the world through others’ eyes and senses whilst still remaining ‘I’.

Personal and political
In which we discover that the weird world of politics ‘out there’ is simply our own issues writ large – and it’s up to us as to how we choose to face them.

Context section

This section explores ways in which the awareness developed in the ‘Background’ section, and the practical tools examined in the ‘Tools’ section, can be applied in the context of everyday life.

Inventing equality
In which we find that the problems of equality between us are far more complex than they seem: yet also, in their own way, strangely simple – but only if we can accept their weird challenges.

Creating community
In which we acknowledge that if we want a community that supports our own weirdness of purpose, we must be willing to play our part in creating it!

Working for no-thing
In which we note the weird opportunities – and challenges – that arise through ‘doing no-thing’ more than being clear about our chosen purpose in life and work.

An end to ownership
In which we break free from the paradoxes of possession by understanding the weird meaning – and demands – of ownership.

A purpose of place
In which we expand that weird sense of empathy from people to place – and discover that, by the nature of the wyrd, ‘home’ is always where we are.

A world of wyrdness
In which we extend that weird expansion onward to an infinity of worlds – and bring it back to earth with the realisation that the wyrd is not only everywhere, everywhen, everyone, but is also, more practically, herenow and ‘I’!

Tailpiece section

This section provides a short coda in which the narrator sums up the difference in experience that has come from applying the concepts and tools explored in the book.

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