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The following tunes are in ABC format – a text-based notation for traditional music, which we’re also using as the basic file-format for the PipeWorks project. For details, and for links to freeware/shareware ABC readers/players/editors for both PC and Macintosh, see Chris Walshaw’s ABC pages at .

The following are some of my own tunes (hence all are ©Tom Graves, 1994-97). They’re generally somewhat simplified from the way I’d actually play them: I tend to bend the timing quite a bit more to fit the flow of the tune, and add quite a bit more in the way of gracings and trills than I’ve shown here, but you’ll soon out what works best for you!

For what it’s worth, the last tune, Winter Waltz, has become a strong favourite in the local session scene. It also works surprisingly well as a round – as we discovered when (as often happens in a session) various people forgot about the repeats!

T:Freeman's Morris
C:Tom Graves 1994
K:GDor % 1 flat
D|:G2 B A2 G|E2 F D3|d3 c2 B|A>Bc F2 F|
G2 B A2 G|E2 F D3|d3 c2 B|1 A/B/ c2 z2 D :|2 A/B/ c3 z c|]
d2 d d>cB|c2 f d3|B2 B B>AG|A3{BA} D3|
d2 d d>cB|c2 f d3|B>BG A2 F|{GA}G G3 z2:|

T:Skipping Sideways
C:Tom Graves, 1995
K:DDor % no sharps/flats
d2 aa g2 a2|fgfd e3 f/e/|d2 de f2 d2|eeee a4|
d2 aa g2 a2|fgfd e3 f/e/|d2 de fefd|eaaa d4 😐
a2 af g2 ge|f2 fd e2 A2|a2 af g2 ge|fefd e3 f/e/|
d2 de f2 d2|eaaa a2 g2|afag gfge|daaa d2 😐

T:Solstice Song
C:Tom Graves, Dec 1995
K:EMin % 1 sharp
B3 c|B2 G2|AGAB|A2 GF|E2 E2|EFGE|F3 E|F4|
B3 c|B2 G2|AGAB|A2 GF|E2 B2|AGFG|E4-|E4 😐
B3 c|B2 B2|d4|d4|G3 A|G2 G2|F4-|F4|
EDEF|G2 E2|F3 B|B3 B|dGAG|F2 FG|E4-|E4 😐

T:The Weaver's Morris
C:Tom Graves, Jan 1996
I:very obviously a morris tune!
I:works particularly well on descant recorder
K:G % 1 sharp
D2 G B2 G|D2 G BAG|F2 G A2 B|c3 A3|
D2 G B2 G|D2 G BAG|F2 G A2 B|c3-c2 c 😐
e2 e e2 c|d2 d d2 B|cBA B2 G|A3 D3|
e2 e e2 c|d2 d d2 B|cBA G2 F|1 G3-G2 G :|2 G3-G3|]

T:Winter Waltz
C:Tom Graves, March 1996
K:EMin % 1 sharp
B2 EFGA|B2 EFGA|B2 g2 f2|e4 z e|B2 EFGA|B2 EFGA|B2 A2 G2|F4 ef|
B2 EFGA|B2 EFGA|B2 g2 f2|e3 def|g3 f e2|d2 B2 GA|B2 G2 F2|E4 z2 😐
g2 B2 g2|e2 B2 G2|A3 B c2|B4 z B|g2 B2 g2|e2 B2 G2|A2 B2 G2|F4 ef|
g2 B2 g2|e2 B2 G2|A3 B c2|B3 GAB|c3 B A2|G2 F2 GA|B2 G2 F2|E4 z2 😐

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