The technology of wyrd

The wyrd interweaves through everything, everywhere, everywhen, everyone: and there’s a sizeable range of technologies for making use of that fact, and working with the nature of the wyrd to achieve practical results in everyday life. Whether and and in what ways you might choose to use such technologies – often known as intuitive technologies or magical-technologies – is up to you: but you might find it useful to explore their possibilities!

Further reading

SSOTBME – an essay on magic, its foundations, development and place in modern life by ‘Ramsey Dukes’ (The Mouse That Spins; 1975/2000)

Probably the best-ever description of the practical relationship between magic, science and technology – and a lot of fun, too!

Inventing Reality – towards a magical technology by Tom Graves (Gateway Books; 1986/1990)

A practical introduction to magical-technology, using dowsing and computing as two of its main examples, and with a useful ‘swamp analogy’ describing different ways of working within the world.

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