Wyrdsmiths – Wyrd at work

Why Wyrdsmiths?

Wyrdness can be hard to work with at times: so we’re here to help you craft your own relationship with the Fates – helping you in your choices for how you live your life, and how you interweave with others. (To see who we are, and find out more about us, see the Who are Wyrdsmiths? page.)

For us, working with the wyrd is not so much a business as a way of life. Wyrdsmiths… wordsmiths… wiredsmiths… weirdsmiths… all of those terms would probably true of us, since at Wyrdsmiths we share a common background in writing, computing and the development of intuitive skills. As Wyrdsmiths, we explore with our clients a wide range of ways in which to make use of wyrd ideas and the wyrd itself in everyday environments and practical problems.

What can Wyrdsmiths do for you?

We provide information on wyrd – what it is, what use it can be, and some techniques on how to use it, as an idea and a practical approach to everyday issues. Much of that information is available for free on this web-site.

We make our living promoting the practical use of wyrd, through books, workshops and consultancy – helping individuals and companies make the most of what comes their way through the wyrd.

From time to time we hold experiential workshops on wyrd and related topics, and we’re likely to do more in future: so far we’ve held workshops and lectures in Australia, Britain and the US West Coast, so if you’re interested in one in your area, let us know!

In addition to our workshops, we also provide a variety of consultancy services tailored to clients’ needs. With our unusually wide range of skills, our consultancies may sometimes seem a little strange (amongst other work, we’ve done software systems for psychics, tarot for technicians, feng shui for farmers and financiers…), but they all reflect our deep respect for the natural wyrdness of the world – and they work. Find out for yourself, perhaps?

A common way in which the wyrd expresses itself in our lives is in our response to music – whether as listeners or as musicians. One of our long-term goals is to weave these two strands together, in a practical project in wyrd music that we call Heart of Music – exploring the wyrd choices we all have in the realm of music. We don’t ‘work’ a musical instrument, we play it: for professional musicians especially, remembering that fact can sometimes be a weird experience – in every sense!

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