Wyrd at work – Workshop/lecture options

We’re still in the process of preparing a brochure to describe the various different workshops we do, but a quick summary of the kind of workshops and presentations we’ve done in the past would include:

  • “a wyrd way of life” (practical introduction to wyrd concepts) (London, Melbourne and elsewhere)
  • “round the bend” (using the seven-turn labyrinth as a model of the skills-learning process) (Melbourne and elsewhere)
  • “spirit of place” (dowsing, water-divining and ‘earth-energies’) (London, San Francisco, Sacramento, Melbourne and elsewhere)
  • “advanced geomancy” (expanding Chinese geomancy outward from the the traditional limits of feng shui) (Melbourne, for the Australian Institute of Feng Shui and Geomancy)
  • “towards a magical technology” (merging wyrd concepts into mainstream technology) (Glastonbury, England)

If you’d like to know more about the workshops and lectures we offer, or would like to suggestion venues or other options, please contact us via the Feedback page.

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