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Our basic role as Wyrdsmiths is research, development and education in intuitive skills and the development of judgement and self-awareness. In practice, in a consultancy environment, we apply that research to the needs of all kinds of clients – from individuals to corporations.

The key principle behind all Wyrdsmiths’ consultancy work is the development of intuition and awareness. Intuition is weird – is wyrd – but it’s also far more important than is usually recognised. Wherever there’s ‘stuckness’, or a sense of ‘impending wyrd’ – an awareness of an upcoming choice or change – intuitive skills are essential, to find an appropriate response and appropriate action. As a certain well-known scientist named Albert Einstein once put it:

“There is no logical way to the discovery of these elemental laws. There is only the way of intuition, which is helped by a feeling for the order behind the appearance.”

Yet our culture gives us little help in this: development of intuition is rarely part of regular schooling! So at Wyrdsmiths we aim to provide conditions under which our clients develop their own intuition – a sense of clarity and judgement, a sense of awareness and breadth. Whether it’s through a workshop environment – using tools such as the skills-labyrinth and experiential exercises with weird concepts such as Inverse Murphy – or through traditional one-on-one ‘context’ techniques such as tarot or geomancy, we encourage everyone involved to find their own magic of creativity.

And yes, it’s true: we’re not afraid to use astrology and feng shui and the like in a conventional business environment! After all, every project is an act of magic, taking something that at the start is entirely imaginary, and bringing it into life in the tangible world: so what’s so weird about intentionally using a little magic to help it on its way? What is different is the way we Wyrdsmiths use these traditional tools: we explain why we’re using them, how we’re using them, and the contexts in which they’re appropriate, and use them to help you find within yourself – through your own connection with the wyrd – the answers that you need.

Yet we’re also well aware that intuition on its own is never enough: most self-styled ‘psychics’ are of little use to anyone, especially in business… What matters instead is “a feeling for the order lying behind the appearance”, a solid breadth of everyday experience through which that wider awareness can work. So we’re a varied bunch at Wyrdsmiths, with an unusually wide range of skills and an even wider range of contacts. For example, most of us have been working in or around the computer trade for years – even decades – and are familar with the workings of the IT industry: but where else would you find computer people who also know marketing, graphic design, skills training, genetic engineering, professional music, town planning, astrology, tarot, feng shui and geomancy, and plenty more besides? Yes, that’s weird all right… that’s Wyrdsmiths…

We know – and use – the normal analytic tools, but we don’t just do systems analysis: we do systems synthesis, treating each task or person as a whole, and in relation with the whole, rather than as an isolated collection of arbitrarily-defined parts. It’s a refreshing change from conventional approaches to consultancy – and the results are very interesting indeed… try us!

We’re currently in the process of preparing a more formal description of the kind of consultancy work we undertake, but if you’d like more information in the meantime, please let us know via the Feedback page. Alternatively, have a look at the xio consulting content on this website – it’s primarily about the application of wyrd concepts in the corporate/information-technology sphere.

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