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Wyrdsmiths’ Heart Of Music project

“The heart of music is emotional expression; the soul of music is the expression of I, of We, of Us, of everywhere, of everywhen…” Heart of Music is an educational research project currently under development by Wyrdsmiths. Its purpose is to create tools and techniques to assist professional performers and others in developing emotional and personal expression in their music.

Based in part on material from the Wyrd book-project, it merges conventional musical education with drama techniques and transpersonal psychology, to create a new approach centred on the concept that the musical instrument is literally the performer’s ‘per-sona’ – “the mask through which I sound”.

Once the fundamental technical skills of an instrument are mastered, the main restrictions on musical ability come from the performers themselves: their sense of self and being. The project aims to create new ways to overcome those restrictions, and help musicians reach within themselves to find their own heart, and soul, of music.

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At present the project is in an early experimental stage, and we’d welcome comments and feedback. Please contact us via the Feedback page if you’re interested in the project – especially if you’d like to be involved.

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