Wyrd reading

For a subject that can prove so useful in practice, there’s surprisingly little available in print about wyrd.

This web-site features a number of books by Tom Graves: part or all of the content of several of his books are available for free download here. Tom Graves is a founder-Wyrdsmith, and is a professional author who’s concentrated in recent years on the concepts of wyrd and their practical use in the present day. He wrote most of the content of this web-site: if you like the style and approach here, you’ll probably enjoy his books!

Most of the other writers on wyrd have focussed either on the mythology of wyrd, or the role of wyrd in early literature: less practical in their approach, perhaps, but often interesting nonetheless! It’s also proved a popular theme in some styles of fiction: wyrd reading, anyone?

We also recommend a variety of useful books on practical approaches to everyday wyrdness – see if you agree with our choices!

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