Xio Consulting

[A bit of history: Xio Consulting was one of my earlier attempts to develop the business-oriented themes that later became Soul Dynamics, and later again Tetradian. It now no longer exists as a distinct operation, but I keep it here for historical record.]

xio consulting is [was] a specialist business-strategy consultancy based in central Victoria, Australia. We mainly service clients in the Melbourne / Ballarat / Bendigo region, but also in Sydney and Brisbane. On request, we are able to service clients elsewhere in the world, especially in the US and the UK.

What we do

  • the formal version (‘brochureware’ to show someone else off-line?)
  • the informal version (to explore on-line yourself – more interesting, but not impersonal enough for some people!)
  • some examples, from clients large and small


This site is written and maintained for xio consulting by Tom Graves.

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