Xio Consulting – Services

xio consulting, based in Victoria, Australia, adds new concepts to mainstream business-analysis, to satisfy the specialist needs of information-technology, human-resources and business-strategy departments within corporations.

Major clients have included some of Australia’s best-known technology organisations, and several major international publishers.

xio consulting‘s methodologies include:

Total-systems modelling

Assessment of the total business-system, mapping the human and computing aspects and their interactions to develop a system architecture for major change, such as a move into e-commerce.

Systems synthesis

Reverse-analysis to assess and compare nominal system requirements and actual implementation, identifying hidden clashes and process issues, and indicating options for total-system optimisation. through system restructure and group education.

Energy dynamics

An emphasis on the human side of systems, addressing creativity, empowerment, involvement and productivity issues through a synthesis of technology-of-mind, group-dynamics and interpersonal-power modelling.

Technology of mind

Underpinning all xio consulting‘s methodologies, a suite of techniques and educational tools to assist individuals to resolve hidden personal and interpersonal conflicts, and maximise their own creativity and potential in support of the business process.

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