Xio services – Systems-Synthesis reviews

Reverse-analysis to assess and compare nominal system requirements and actual implementation, identifying hidden clashes and process issues, and indicating options for total-system optimisation through system restructure and group education.


Systems-synthesis is a review process, consisting of the following steps:

  • review original system requirements (what the system was intended to do)
  • identify base-requirement for existing system (fundamental criteria)
  • define assessment criteria for review
  • review system implementation (what the system actually does)
    • mismatches between requirements and implementation
    • implementation not in requirements
    • adaptations for individuals and/or assumed skill-sets
    • cultural implications (HR)
  • client implications (marketing)
  • compare implementation to requirements (to identify covert-requirements – hidden assumptions, conflicting processes, etcetera)
  • resolve covert-requirements
  • assessment criteria
  • energy-dynamics modelling
  • technology-of-mind ‘toolkit’
  • construct revised total-system requirements


A systems-synthesis review would be typically be used as part of total-system modelling for an expansion or major change to an existing system, to identify and resolve covert-requirements prior to redesign of the total-system. It can also be used to review an existing system, either because of identified problems, or as a ‘health check-up’ to identify variances arising over time from changes in personnel, market, operating conditions and other reasons.

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